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Fuck a duck and eat it too

carrification, leaving 'em blind

a crumpled heap, a bloody mess

then walks away. out of sight, out of mind




29 Food You Didn’t Know You Could DIY


Homemade Tater Tots

Hard to say exactly what it is about pellet-shaped hash browns, but gosh, aren’t they magical? Try the basic recipe first and then play around with cool flavors and dipping sauces.

Homemade Magic Shell

Real witchery: Melted chocolate + coconut oil turns solid when it hits cold ice cream. Get the recipe.

Homemade Klondike Bars

The ultimate application of the aforementioned magic shell. Get the recipe.

Homemade English Muffins

Once you make your own crannies, you’ll never go back. Get the recipe.

Homemade Greek Yogurt

Or regular yogurt, if you prefer; just leave out the final step of straining. Get the recipe.

Homemade Sesame Sticks

Bad news for incurable snackers. Get the recipe.

Homemade Marshmallow Creme

Fluffernutter sandwich, here I come! Get the recipe.

Homemade Raisins

One of those things that you obviously don’t need to make yourself, but should probably try just because it’s so neat. Get the recipe.

Homemade Mustard

Nice and spicy and, more importantly, very easy. Get the recipe.

Homemade Cinnamon Toast Crunch

There’s nothing like eating what are essentially sugar-covered squares of pastry dough for breakfast. Get the recipe.

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If you repeatedly criticize someone for liking something you don’t, they won’t stop liking it. They’ll stop liking you. —(via julianassanges)
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Okay … :) Setlock (31/7/13)

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modern day rebels

This makes me happy

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More facts? Follow the Ultrafacts Blog!

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Hi please watch this poor mailman get attacked by a cat it’s v. important

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jesus fucking christ

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Damn, this girl was prepared.

She learned from experience. That look on her face is one who found out all of Jack-Jack’s powers through trial by fire.


I can’t help but think this is a perfect description of first time parenting.
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